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FOX Business
Oct 31, 2012 3:00pm EDT
and my producer --. noted verizon services back for them. a guy next to me. also noted that they are able to access the internet. they need to work with companies in order to execute numbers and get orders from hedge funds. that will give them competition. it is slow, it is spotty, but certainly a big piece of news. a lot of people starting to get cell and internet service pack. back to you. liz: let's get to sandra who is watching a stunning move in lumbar prices today. sandra: it certainly gives an indication of lumber demand. there will be thousands of homes that need to be rebuilt. we saw it at a 19 month high and, of course, the trade in the stock market would be to buy some of that stock. lowe's, home depot, all of these stocks that would be affected by that. a huge louver today. some estimate it could go to 2013. liz: we are looking at eagle materials. not perhaps familiar, but this has seen in the last 39 minutes a jump of a full 10%. a stunning move her. some of these related names included in rebuilding homes. a huge spike at the start of trading. the dow and s&p have t
FOX Business
Nov 2, 2012 3:00pm EDT
, liz, unlike delta airlines and verizon wireless, they are saying that hurricane sandy is not going to hurt their numbers. very good news is they raise their forecasts. they have a lot of promotional measures as well to bring in customers. liz: far be it for me to question him. both have had naugatuck pillories anytime a normally those glass shelves that they have a normally full. >> yes, this is true. liz: i'm not sure why he i'm not sure why you think this won't hurt them in some way shape or form. >> mind wouldn't even open comes to your ahead of me. liz: knuckle, thank you very much. there are worse problems come we know that. but we are giving you a anecdotal anecdotal evidence of each stock we talk about. but there is hard facts that we are talking about. how many people will be saying that i have to get a generator next time. but here is an issue that many of us have seen developed. what good are gasoline powered generators if you run out of gasoline? 3.6 million homes along the eastern seaboard. many gasoline stations are still without power following the well of flow of hur
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2